tbd30 will not engage in business activity until the business combination has been completed. The Company’s activities are focused on identifying, evaluating and carrying out a business combination. For this purpose, tbd30 has a limited organization which consists of the Company’s Board and its employees. The employees are the CEO, CFO and the financial assistant. 

tbd30’s founders have appointed a goal-focused board and management to carry out the Company’s strategy – to identify, evaluate and conduct a business combination with a target company that creates added value for tbd30’s investors and shareholders. Some distinctive common characteristics which are important for implementation of this strategy are shown below.

  • The Board of Directors and the management have a very long period of experience of board work, executive management, corporate governance, change-related processes, the capital market and the business sector as a whole.
  • They have extensive practical experience of business combinations and mergers, IPOs and other types of corporate and capital market transactions. 
  • They have relevant experience from development of both listed and private companies.
  • They have a proven record of value creation for shareholders in both a listed and private environment.

All in all, the management and the Board have an extensive network and the capacity to identify potential target companies. tbd30 has in addition identified a well defined investment sphere, which extends over many companies that are currently less frequently present in the public environment.