Why invest with tbd30?

Important for the investor

  1. To invest early in a private company, which is listed through tbd30. An opportunity usually reserved for private equity companies.
  2. To achieve a specific exposure to a company in the business services sector, which currently has a low level of representation on the stock exchange.
  3. The opportunity for additional yield through two series of investor warrants. The listed warrants can provide supplementary yield that can almost be compared with interest.
  4. The risk is limited through the investor having the right to have the whole amount subscribed to (SEK 100/share) reimbursed if the investor does not consent to the proposed business combination.
  5. Sponsors and shareholders have a common interest in value creation. Sponsors, the Board and management have together invested a total of SEK 100 million and the sponsors provide all the risk capital if the transaction does not take place.

Important for the target company

  1. A more flexible process compared with a traditional IPO which can be uncertain and require a lot of time.
  2. Evaluation through private negotiations with greater predictability as regards pricing.
  3. Close access to tbd30’s long experience and expertise which can contribute to continued creation of value.
  4. Flexibility as regards different variants of ownership. The seller can opt to divest the whole holding, which is seldom possible in a traditional retain ownership that means that tbd30 and sellers have a strong common interest in continued business development.
  5. An IPO makes possible financing for continued expansion where scalable growth and business combination are key parts.