Board of Directors

tbd30’s Board of Directors has a broad and extensive experience of the business sector, entrepreneurship and finance in both the public and private environment. The founders Anders Lönnqvist and Anders Böös are board members and in the category dependent members in relation to major shareholders. Other directors, Ingrid Bonde, Ulrika Hagdahl and Lars Wedenborn fall in the category independent members in relation to major shareholders.

Anders Böös

Anders Böös (born in 1964) has more than 30 years of experience of a number of different  board assignments and managerial positions with the focus on restructuring of businesses, reprofiling companies, growth strategies including acquisitions and mergers and stock exchange listing at the same time as he has been an active investor. Over the years, he has worked in industries such as finance, real estate, application software and business services.

Anders’ professional background goes back to the mid-1980s with employment at Jacobson & Ponsbach and Carnegie. During the period 1999-2001, he held a number of positions at the Hagströmer & Qviberg group, including as CEO from 1999-2001.

Anders Böös is CEO of the listed real estate company Drott during the period of change 2003-2004. During this time, Drott was transformed from  a large widely widespread real estate company into two focused companies, one of which consisted of office properties with the emphasis on Stockholm which is now part of the listed real estate company Fabege, The other company consists of residential properties which was spun off to Drott’s then shareholders. It is now the basis of Stena Fastigheter.

During the period 2004-2016, Anders Böös was chairman of the business system supplier IFS. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2003 and appointed chairman in 2004, His initial task from IFS main owner was to develop and implement a financial reshaping of the company. IFS had a strong but diversified product portfolio but had not been profitable during its period as a limited company. A number of strategic and operational measures were launched in 2004 which included a combination of growth-focused investments in selected product areas, efficiency improvements and increased presence in the market. During the period 2003-2016 that Anders Böös was active in IFS, the shareholders’ total yield increased to 26 per cent per year.

Anders Böös was chairman of the Board of Cision during the period 2006-2013. He led the transformation of the information and media monitoring company Observer to one of the leading players in the world in public relations where solutions focused on work processes and services formed the core of the customer offering. The revenue model was developed into mainly being based on ongoing subscription revenue.

Anders Böös is an active investor in growth companies. He is also industrial adviser for well-reputed private equity companies in the Nordic area.

Anders Böös is currently chairman of the boards of Einride, Hantverksdata, Valamis and a director of Latour, Securitas, Stronghold Invest and Newsec.


Ulrika Hagdahl

Ulrika Hagdahl (born in 1962) is a director with over 30 years of experience of managerial positions and board work in the business sector. She is or has been a board member of, among other companies, Invisio, Beijer Electronics, HiQ, Sectra, Haldex and IFS, and CEO of the Orc Group.

Ulrika Hagdahl founded the software company Orc Software in 1987, subsequently the Orc Group, and then led the group’s expansion which included an international launch and a listing of the company on Nasdaq OMX. The Orc Group is now part of Itiviti. During her professional career, she has built up extensive expertise and deep knowledge, in particular in industries such as software and the service sector. Ulrika Hagdahl has at the same time valuable experience from acquisitions and mergers, capital market transactions and board work..


Anders Lönnqvist

Anders Lönnqvist (born in 1958) has more than 30 years of experience of board work and leading positions in a number of companies at the same time as he has been an active investor. Over the years, he has worked in industries such as real estate, business services, IT, telecom and the hotel and restaurant industry as well as music and film.

Anders Lönnqvist’s professional background goes back to the late 1970s with various posts iv the finance industry, first in insurance and subsequently as a portfolio manager in the Skrinet group. Anders then started as portfolio manager at Investment AB Beijer when the company acquired Servisen in 1985. At the same time, he became Chairman of the Board of Servisen, which developed into a leading actor in option trading and risk management systems. Anders Lönnqvist acquired 100 per cent of Servisen on his own behalf in 1992 when the company was a broker in Sweden, Norway and Finland, which activity was sold in 1995. The focus was then placed on IT, telecom and biotechnology. These investments subsequently led to a number of stock exchange listings.

Together with the main owner Urban Edenström and partners, Servisen acquired Stronghold/Newsec from Sweco in 1997. Anders Lönnqvist has been Chairman of the Board from the same year. Stronghold is now a holding company for the group’s businesses which has expanded through various services related to real estate such as management services, wealth management, analysis, transaction services and real estate fund management coupled with a geographical expansion where the company has been built with a very-long term approach. Stronghold’s turnover has risen from around SEK 100 in 1997 to around SEK 3 billion in 2020.

Since 1985, Anders Lönnqvist has been a director in SSRS/Elite Hotel, SSRS/Elite Hotel has grown organically and through acquisitions. The number of hotels has grown from around three hotels in the mid-1980s to 38 hotels today at the same time as the chain has developed the pub and restaurant concept Bishop Arms. The strategy has been imbued with a long-term approach with a focus on building up the trade mark. 

During the period 2012-2018, Anders Lönnqvist was a director of the vehicle inspection company Opus where he actively participated in the company’s strategy where acquisition was a central part. During the period 2012-2018, Opus turnover rose by 32 per cent per year on average. EBITDA increased by 60 per cent per year and the shareholders’ total yield amounted to 30 per cent per year. Recently, Anders Lönnqvist has through Servisen invested, inter alia, in Rental United, Stockfiller Estrid, Maurten, Vacci and Texel, in many cases actively.

Anders is currently Chairman of Servisen, Stronghold/Newsec and Nouvago Capital and a director of SSRS/Elite Hotel, Rental United, Buildroid and tbd30.

Lars Wedenborn

Lars Weidenborn  (born in 1958) is a director with more than 30 years of experience of management. His current and previous assignments include being Chairman of AMF, board member of SKF, Höganäs. the Nasdaq Group, FAM where he was also CEO and director of finance of Investor and Alfred Berg.

Lars Wedenborn is a well-known and well-reputed businessman with a long experience of executive positions in first-class companies in Swedish and international business sector He has also well certified experience of both public and private investment. Lars Wedenborn possesses after a long career an extensive network in both business and politics.