Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest could arise through the sponsors of tbd30 having extensive experience of companies operating in business services, which is the investment sphere that tbd30 is focusing on.

The Company has undertaken a number of measures to manage and limit the conflicts of interest that could arise due to this. These measures include, inter alia, the composition of the Board. tbd30 has three independent directors, one of which is the Chairman of the Board. Each of the independent board members has over 30 years experience of the Swedish business sector and they have recognised professional expertise. The three independent directors must all approve the proposal on a business combination that the Board intends to recommend that the general meeting approve and vote in favour of it themselves at the same meeting. In this way, an independent assessment with integrity will be assured in connection with the resolution on business combination. 

tbd30 has only three employees, one of whom is part-time, until a business combination has been completed. The cost of the activity up to a business combination must therefore be kept at a low level. Tbd30 will not either be charged a management fee or similar for their work. The closely associated transactions between the sponsors, their management, and tbd30 are, in addition to the risk capital of SEK 40.5 million committed, that tbd30 rents its office from Servisen Investment Management AB at a market rent. The sponsors have also through their large share ownership in tbd30 an interest in line with other shareholders.  

The Board of tbd30 have adopted a business combination policy that, inter alia, establishes certain investment criteria, how an investment process is to take place, risk levels, etc. This will set the frameworks and restrict the freedom of action of the management. Furthermore, the Board has adopted a policy for transactions with closely associated parties and ethical guidelines as well as a work procedure for the Board and Instructions for the CEO which both contain provisions on conflicts of interest. The CEO shall make a monthly report on the financial development of tbd30 and on progress with the process of business combination.