Ethical guidelines

tbd30 emphasizes honesty, integrity and fairness as well as a strong commitment to uphold and promote high ethical business standards in all parts of its activities. In addition to good corporate citizenship, laws and regulations shall be complied with in the country where the activity takes place. 

tbd30 aims to do business only with respectable business partners who are involved in lawful business activity and whose funds have been obtained from legitimate sources. There is no acceptance for any kind of bribes or other illegal payments to obtain or retain business.

In order to prevent corruption, money laundering and other forms of economic crime, it is important to build confidence and act both ethically and in a responsible way. Energetic measures are available to counteract such activity.

The ethical standards for potential target companies are of the greatest importance for tbd30 and a thorough examination will be made to ensure that such standards are an integrated part of the transaction and decision-making process.

Employees shall not accept any gifts, or other offers that may affect their decisions on potential business transactions.