Nominating Committee

The nominating committee shall consist of five members, four of which are to be appointed by the four largest shareholders in terms of votes in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as at the end of the third quarter of the Company’s financial year. The Chairman of the Board shall be a member of the nominating committee and shall also convene the nominating committee to its first meeting. The first nominating committee shall be convened for the 2022 annual general meeting and the composition of the nominating committee shall be announced at the latest six months prior to the meeting.

The composition of the nominating committee shall be announced as soon as it is appointed. The mandate of the nominating committee runs until a new nominating committee has been appointed.

The nominating committee shall prepare and present proposals to the annual general meeting on:

  • The chairman of the annual general meeting
  • The appointment of and fee to the Chairman of the Board and the respective members of the Company’s Board
  • Remuneration for committee work and other remuneration for board appointments
  • Appointment of and fee for the auditor and, when appropriate, deputy auditor


Principles for the nominating committee